How to last longer in bed for your woman? (3 natural ways to improve your sex life)

Being able to last longer and enjoy perfect sex is every man’s dream, but too often, men ejaculate too early and they didn’t even experience half of the fun. To make things worse,  their partner still want more. Bummer, isn’t it? Well, worry no more, here are three proven natural tips that can help you last longer and have the best sex ever.

(1) Take it slow

Last longer in bed can be achieved easily if you slow down a little when having sex. You can do just a single thrust every few seconds. You can then gently go faster each couple of minutes. Do it until you reach the usual pace you want. Make a stop by the time you feels like ejaculating. Pause for a few seconds until you can get a hold of yourself before resuming.

(2) Don’t go deep

If you feel that continued deep thrusting will bring on an all-too-quick orgasm, try penetrating only the lower portion of her vagina—in other words, take more shallow thrusts. Also, alternating between shallow and deep thrusts can make you last longer, and will also make the experience a lot more fun!

(3) A little distraction goes a long way

Sometimes, a little distraction goes a long way in your sex engagement. When you feel you are about to reach climax. Take your penis out of her completely, and divert your mind to something that’s not relevant to sex. In other words, you should distract yourself a little when needed. That way, you will cool off and the penis won’t feel as much sensation, thus avoid your ejaculation. When you feel you are ready, you can start thrusting again.

Try these tips tonight, these are surefire ways to help you get a more satisfying sex life. You can thank me later 🙂

How to make over $100 a day teaching English in China?

Learning English is vital for both students and adults in China, if they want to get better grades, go to a top-rated college, land a dream job or simply travel to an English speaking country. So naturally, teaching English has always been a nicely paid job for years, and native American or Canadian English teachers are especially in high demand.

Today in China, a wide variety of English teaching positions are always open for good English teachers, especially for those who have teaching experiences,  hold a college degree or English language teaching certificates. To say native English teachers from north America are the “most sought-after” kind is by no means an understatement.

If you meet the above requirements, you’ll be easily earning an income exceeding $100 per day working as a native English teacher. Plus, your Chinese colleges, students and their parents will all treat you like a star, since people who can speaking standard and fluent English will always be admired here in China.

So if you like to travel around, and enjoy teaching English for a living, you should definitely consider moving to China and get a job here. One reminder, however, is that you’d better contact a school in China and make sure your working visa is well arranged before booking your next flight to China.

Have fun teaching English in China! 🙂

How to access Twitter from China for free?

Twitter is a fun site with lots of news and info published every minute, but unfortunately, Twitter is also one of those sites that can not be accessed from China. One way to access Twitter is through a VPN service, but the drawback is obvious, almost most of VPN provider will charge you for using there service, although some of them might allow you to use their service free of charge for a short time.

If you don’t want to pay for a VPN, but still want to access Twitter, there is still a way. You can use a browser called Tor. Tor is a popular web browser originally designed to protect its users’ internet privacy, but it has became a popular VPN alternative for many web users.

Simply go to tor’s official website, download and install the latest version, and voila! You can access Twitter now. Tor is completely free, but one problem with Tor is that its connection can be really slow. If you can tolerate its slow connection then it’s perfect for you.

While you are enjoying your newly installed Tor, don’t forget to donate some small amount of money to it so Tor can keep providing free service to the world.