How to access Twitter from China for free?

Twitter is a fun site with lots of news and info published every minute, but unfortunately, Twitter is also one of those sites that can not be accessed from China. One way to access Twitter is through a VPN service, but the drawback is obvious, almost most of VPN provider will charge you for using there service, although some of them might allow you to use their service free of charge for a short time.

If you don’t want to pay for a VPN, but still want to access Twitter, there is still a way. You can use a browser called Tor. Tor is a popular web browser originally designed to protect its users’ internet privacy, but it has became a popular VPN alternative for many web users.

Simply go to tor’s official website, download and install the latest version, and voila! You can access Twitter now. Tor is completely free, but one problem with Tor is that its connection can be really slow. If you can tolerate its slow connection then it’s perfect for you.

While you are enjoying your newly installed Tor, don’t forget to donate some small amount of money to it so Tor can keep providing free service to the world.

How to effectively connect with customers in China through mainstream Chinese social media?

If you have an Internet-based business, or if you have a large customer base in China, you would want to stay closely connected with your current customers while attracting more potential customers. Sure, you can do this through your official website. But since now mobile device are going mainstream, and people are on their smart phone all the time, It would be more ideal if you can connect with or reach your customers through social media platform on their mobile phone, right?

Actually, you can easily achieve your goal through some of the hottest social media platforms for free. Below are some of the social media tools that might be just for you:

(1) WeChat public/official account

WeChat is the dominant social media player in China, and their user base is simply gigantic. WeChat ressembles Facebook in many ways. If you want to build a large fanbase, and make more sales in China, you can’t miss WeChat. As a business entity, you can sign up for a WeChat public/official account, and then get the word out, and your current customer will FOLLOW your account, kind of like the way twitter followers work. You can do a lot of things with your WeChat, including publishing posts, selling products, and doing polls, etc.

Since WeChat Public Account Platform is currently offered in Chinese language, you might need to hire someone with Chinese language skills to do the application, and the maintenance work for your business.

(2) WeiBo

WeiBo is by far the second most popular social media platform in China, trying to catch up with WeChat. WeiBo is kind of like the equivalent of Twitter. It is a very effective way for celebrities in China to build a fanbase and release the latest news. Many people follow a wide variety of WeBo accounts just to keep themselves updated with the news.

You can sign up for a personal account on WeiBo for free, so your customers can easily follow you and get notified when you publish new posts. You can also opt for a verified official account, which is a paid service. The current fee for getting verified is 300 RMB(around $45). The benefit of getting verified is obvious, you’ll get a ‘Verified’ icon besides your ID which will make your account seem more trustworthy.

Just like signing up for a WeChat public/official account, you might need someone who speaks Chinese to help you get the application process done.

How to download free audio books?

There are some great websites on the Internet that offer audio books for free. For those who really enjoy audio books but don’t want to pay for it, these sites are literally a god-send. The audio books they offer include numerous classics, including novels, fairy tales, poems, plays, and their authors range from ancient Chinese philosophers, prominent generals, to western novelists and thinkers. You can listen to those audio books online, or download them and save it for later use. The following are a selected list of the top free audio books websites, enjoy!

(1) LibriVox

(2) PodioBooks

(3) ThoughtAudio